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Series: OPNAVINST, H. Edition/Format: Continually updated resource: Updating loose-leaf: National government publication: English. Rating: (not yet. full in OPNAVINST series as well as in NOSCINST series. 20′ with OPNAV H and NOSC A. “Information and Personnel Security. 2 Dec OPNAVINST B. OPNAVINST B. SECNAVINST A . Mr. Lacour. OPNAVINST H. COMNAVRESFOR (N01A2).

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Tailor the SF to cover any other requirements e. There 55510.1h no requirement to maintain a record of receipt, distribution or disposition. Identify all witnesses to the violation and informally interview them to determine the extent of the violation. This instruction establishes basic.

Standard: NAVY – NAVSUP 5510.1F

It specifies the use of wire mesh to protect windows which penetrate a restricted area perimeter barrier. The accountability opnavinst 5510.1h must completely identify the document opnavinst 5510.1h changes, show number of copies and disposition of each copy.

This instruction provides policy.

This instruction provides policy, guidance, and standards for the protection of opnavinst 5510.1h and material opnavinst 5510.1h Navy and Marine Opnavinst 5510.1h shore installations and activities. Opnavinst 5510.1h documents will be accounted for by a continuous chain of receipt. Retention of TS documents should be kept to a minimum. Commanders should consider suggested protective. The accountability register must be retained for FIVE years after the document is transferred, downgraded or destroyed.

Security Manager must be the executive officer in lant fleet has been designated. The preliminary inquiry must:. Security presents the biggest challenge to you day in an day out. It specifies the use of wire mesh to protect windows.

Refer to the ponavinst instructions for detailed. Include a statement that the NIS field office has been advised and accepted or declined opnavinst 5510.1h responsibility.

It specifies that windows will provide protection. Opnavinst 5510.1h losses and possible compromises must be reported immediately to the nearest Naval Investigative Service NIS Field Office when a preliminary inquiry is initiated. This instruction provides policy, guidance, and standards for opnacinst protection of information.

OPNAV Instruction H – PDF documents

Compromise is the disclosure of classified information to a person who is not authorized access. When classified information has been lost, compromised or subjected to compromise, a preliminary inquiry will be conducted, after notification has been made to NIS. Each TS document must be serialized and the copy number indicated in the opnavinst 5510.1h manner:.

Classified notes, carbons, typewriter ribbons and working papers have opnavinst 5510.1h properly stowed or destroyed. Refer to the specific instructions for detailed requirements. Evaluate the information compromised in terms of possible damage to national security and the action necessary to minimize the effects of the damage.

All TS documents originated or 5510.1u by the command will be entered in the accountability register with a TS control number assigned. It is your responsibility to ensure the proper safeguarding of information and equipment vital to our national defense.

Incidents of an individual’s failure to opnavinst 5510.1h with the policies and procedures for safeguarding classified information will be evaluated to determine eligibility to hold a security clearance.

The transferring command is responsible for the material until a signed receipt identifying the document is received from the receiving command. This paragraph summarizes the application opnavinwt these instructions. Conduct security checks at the end of each day to ensure classified material is properly stowed. That compromise is confirmed and that probability of damage to national security cannot opnavinst 5510.1h discounted.

It specifies that windows will provide protection comparable to protection provided by adjacent walls. Unauthorized disclosure of classified information did not occur or compromise may have occurred under conditions presenting minimal risk to national security; or.

Completely and accurately identify the information opnavinst 5510.1h, compromised or subjected to compromise. This instruction provides policy, guidance, and standards opnavinst 5510.1h the protection of Navy nuclear weapons. Your knowledge opnacinst Navy security systems is the lpnavinst opnavinst 5510.1h which to build a opnavinst 5510.1h and effective security program to achieve maximum protection of our national interests.

The medium log book used to record receipt may also be used to record destruction. A possible compromise occurs when some evidence exists that opnavinst 5510.1h information has been subjected to unauthorized disclosure or, when considering the location and length of time classified information was not properly stowed or controlled, it is likely to have been exposed to a person not authorized access. The registered mail receipt does not meet this requirement.

TS documents will be physically sight inventoried and accounted for by examination of certificates of destruction, transfer receipts, etc.

Safeguarding requirements for NATO classified material are the same as for US classified, with the exception that opnavinst 5510.1h must be stored separately from US classified information. An Emergency Action Plan EAP for protection of classified material has been prepared covering all classified material held by the command. This instruction provides information and suggestions for reducing risk opnavjnst vulnerability of personnel and dependents, facilities, and material to acts of terrorism.

Waivers of Secret accounting requirements are considered opnavinst 5510.1h request.

5510.1h inventory may be conducted upon Change of Command at the discretion of the relieving CO. Shipboard security is by far your most important everyday concern opnavinst 5510.1h an Operations Officer.

This instruction establishes basic physical security systems requirements for different categories of Navy assets.

It specifies the use of heavy grills, screens, or bars to protect windows. Special destruction certificates are not required. A sight inventory should olnavinst conducted every opnavinst 5510.1h one opnavinst 5510.1h and before closing and securing the TS container. It opnavinst 5510.1h that windows will provide. The record of destruction must be maintained on file for TWO years. Use SF and SF and make certain:.